Incredible Photographs Captured By Real Trail Cams



Trail cams are incredibly popular in the world of nature and hunting. These trail cams provide effective technology that provides us with the ability to track any animal’s activity. A trail cam is equipped with the ability to detect movement in the nearby area. This is what provides the technology with the ability to track the animals. It’s a really cool way of seeing what goes on at night or just what animals get up to when humans aren’t around. There isn’t anything really exciting most of the time. However, sometimes truly epic content is captured that shows the wonders of nature.


This deer was caught with a barrel on its head. The barrel seems to be placed in between its antlers. However, it’s unclear whether the deer went to war against the barrel or if it’s filled with yummy treats that the animal is bringing home.

Anther Trap

 Antler Trap 

Being a young buck comes with its challenges. Sometimes items get trapped in their antlers, and they are unable to remove it. This particular buck was captured with tumbleweed stuck on its antlers. Let’s hope that this deer found a mate to help it out.


 A Sprinting Bear

This would definitely be a terrifying sight to see a bear charging at you. Luckily, this was caught on a trail camera. We wonder what this bear was chasing, but, incredibly, such a photo was captured for the world to see.


 Counting Deer 

Although deer aren’t particularly known to be scary, this photo can definitely be deemed as frightening. This picture has so many deer, all grouped together makes it look pretty frightening. Moreover, it seems like they are all staring straight into the camera.


 A Hungry Otter 

One incredible feature of trail cams is that you gain the ability to see animals in their natural environment. This photo is a perfect example of that. Here is an otter satisfying his hunger. The trail cam captured the otter with a fish in its mouth, which is quite extraordinary.


 A Striking Owl 

Owls are a very rare sighting, which makes this picture all the more spectacular. The trail cam has perfectly captured an owl about to strike a deer. We doubt that the owl is trying to pluck the whole deer. The deer was possibly in the way of the owl’s real target.


 Fighting Eagles 

It’s already very special to photograph an eagle. However, capturing two bald eagles fighting is something completely mind-blowing. Incredibly, technology has provided us with the opportunity to capture such rare and unbelievable moments.


 A Flying Squirrel 

This trail cam photographed a squirrel as it was flying over a deer. It isn’t clear whether the deer was the target of a flying squirrel attack or if the squirrel was simply flying over the animal. However, one thing that’s for sure is that this trail cam caught the perfect shot.


 Animals Selfie 

Unlike the other photos on this list, this photo is more hilarious than it is incredibly mind-blowing. It seems that this raccoon was trying to take a selfie, and two bucks got in the frame and photobombed the picture.


 Fox and Raccoon 

It appears that this trail cam caught a fox and raccoon as they were about to battle. We only hope that the raccoon could fight against the fox because the other alternative would be to use the taxi behind the animal to flee the scene. Unfortunately, it looks as though this car has been out of service for quite a while.↚


 Partying Raccoons 

These raccoons seem to be eating something they shouldn’t be and enjoying it thoroughly. The two raccoons are tucking into the food while the others are sleeping, possibly with a full tummy. It looks like these raccoons have a night long of celebrations ahead.


 Hungry Fox Kits 

This is one incredible sighting of adorable fox kits feeding on their mommy fox. It’s undeniable that foxes of all ages are incredibly cute. However, these babies have a cuteness that’s too much to handle. Moreover, the mom’s smiling face is also incredibly heart-warming.


 Buffalo Transportation 

Buffaloes have the reputation of being the Uber of the animal kingdom, and many animals use this creature for transportation. This picture captured by a trail cam is a perfect example of this. You can see a cat catching a lift on the back of the buffalo’s back.


 The Battle of a Coyote and Two Deer 

This is a spectacular photo of what looks to be a coyote trying to fight against two deer. More incredible is that the deer don’t seem to be alarmed by the gnarl plastered across the coyote’s face. We can only think about what transpired next.


 A Muddy Tiger 

This trail cam caught a tiger that was drowsed in mud. This isn’t a peculiar activity for most animals to partake in, as it helps to cool the animal down from the boiling sun. We hope that the mud cooled this tiger off.


 Another Mode of Transport 

It seems that buffaloes aren’t the only animals that are used to transport other animals. This raccoon was very happy to catch a ride on a feral hog’s back. The large swine doesn’t seem to mind the raccoon piggybacking.


 Midnight Feasts 

This trail cam looks to have captured a big family of deer celebrating a very special occasion. The family seems to be having a feast in the middle of the forest. Each one of the deer looks to be enjoying their celebratory meal.


 The Battle Grounds 

The automatic feeds are undoubtedly the battlegrounds where animals fight it out for some food. This trail cam caught a deer and a raccoon battling it out underneath the automatic feeder. The photo is an incredible sight.


 A Poor Bunny Rabbit 

This trail cam has caught a poor, innocent bunny rabbit just as it’s about to be attacked by a hungry mountain lion. What’s even worse is that the bunny is unaware of what is about to transpire. It’s the sad circle of life.


 Loving Time 

Did we just capture an intimate moment between two deer? We can only hope that they were just cleaning themselves. Either way, this is an incredibly cute photo that’s been captured between the two deer.


 Another Bird Battle 

These incredibly massive birds of prey are fighting over what seems to be a sweet tree limb. It’s clear that this is a delicacy within the woods and something these animals are willing to fight over. It’s a truly magnificent sight.