The Main 6 Culprits That Won’t Let You Focus


Social Media
Increase your ability to focus on the most important aspects in your life. The quality of work that you do will also improve if you learn to concentrate. Do not let the following 6 things distract you:

1. Social Media

Concentration killers surround us everywhere. Their number seems to be increasing. Social media is what you start your day with. You keep checking the latest news and replying to posts or messages throughout the day. You let social media distract you a few times an hour either at work or at home. After a few minutes spent online it is harder to get back to work. The quality of work suffers. Besides, you waste time trying to resume your task.

How to fix the issue: Quit logging in to various sites while at work. Do what you are supposed to do first. If you have to get online, do it either after you have accomplished the task or during a break. Another tip that can help you avoid logging in is by placing your device where there is no Internet connection.

2. Email Overload

Your inbox might contain a few unread messages. You might even feel like opening, reading and then replying to them. Don’t do it unless the messages are related to your work. If you tend to read and reply to your family and friends, the quality of assignment you are working on will suffer. 

How to fix the issue: Leave your email for later. Read messages during specific times only. Keep your email program shut down most of the time. If you stop checking your inbox, you’ll need less time to perform the project. 

3. Your Cell Phone

We continuously get interrupted by phone calls. Your cell phone might distract you every time it receives an sms. Some might have special apps installed on their mobile devices that keep sending notifications or reminders. It is close to impossible to stay indifferent to the signals sent to us by our phones.

How to fix the issue: Start using caller ID. In this case calls that are not urgent will be sent to voicemail. Even a better option is to mute your cell phone so that the ringtone couldn’t distract you from more important issues. Set aside specific times to listen to your voicemail messages

4. Stress

4. Stress

If the level of stress and tension is extremely high, it becomes difficult to stay focused on your projects. More than that, stress and tension reflects on your health and physical condition. You feel tense from head to toe and suffer from frequent headaches.

How to fix the issue: Reduce stress and tension by applying special techniques. Control stressful thoughts that swarm in your head and steal your attention and energy. Practice meditation and improve your skills to concentrate. Find a local meditation course or download meditation classes from the Internet.

4 The Main 6 Culprits That Wont Let You Focus Stress

5. Hunger

You also need to provide the brain with some fuel. Do not skip breakfast or any other meal since hunger won’t let you concentrate. It is also very important to remember that a poor diet that lacks minerals, vitamins and other nutrients makes your attention span shorter and your memory weaker.

How to fix the issue: Adjust your diet to your needs. Include plenty of protein and healthy fats in your menu. Never skip breakfast. Avoid simple carbs, starchy and sugary snacks as well as junk food. Opt for lean protein and complex carbs.

5 The Main 6 Culprits That Wont Let You Focus Hunger

6. Depression

This condition has many various symptoms. One of them is lack of concentration. According to experts, besides the most commonly known signs of depression like sadness, there are other symptoms such as indifference, hopelessness and inner emptiness.

How to fix the issue: The best solution to this problem is to seek professional assistance. Talk to a counselor and find out what you need to do to treat this condition. There’re plenty of effective methods to treat depression. You might be prescribed special medications, for example. In some instances talk therapy is applied.

6 The Main 6 Culprits That Wont Let You Focus Depression